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GVOC to Close

Dear Friends

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that GVOC’s board of trustees feel that they have no option but to close the charity. 

As you may be aware, in April 2015 the board discovered that GVOC’s financial situation had not been presented accurately to them and that we were weeks away from insolvency.  Indeed, at times during the summer of 2015 we were mere hours away from insolvency.

GVOC’s trustees worked extremely hard, along with the loyal and dedicated staff team, to save GVOC. Saving the organisation necessitated many things to fall into place and somehow they did.  Key to saving GVOC from insolvency was the support of Gateshead Council, GVOC’s largest funder, by adapting the targets in the organisation’s Service Level Agreement and changing payment dates to enable GVOC to meet its financial obligations.

Unfortunately, we learnt earlier this month that Gateshead Council will not be renewing GVOC’s service level agreement in April 2016 and that GVOC will no longer be contracted to be the CVS for the borough of Gateshead. 

GVOC’s trustees feel these developments, along with our past and current financial struggles, have made GVOC’s viability as an organisation untenable leaving us with no option but to close the charity. We have been advised that if we don’t act now we are at great risk of insolvency in the very near future and have subsequently decided on a controlled, dignified closure.

We worked extremely hard to save GVOC but all good things must come to an end and after over 30 glorious years of supporting the Voluntary and Community Sector in Gateshead it’s time to call time on what was once the region’s largest and most successful infrastructure organisation.

We would like to thank all of the wonderful, dedicated staff – past and present – and everyone who has funded or supported GVOC financially or otherwise.  We wish all Gateshead charities and community groups the very best in the future.

There is obviously a legal process to follow and many things to put in place but we envisage that GVOC will close for good in May 2016.

GVOC Board of Trustees

March 2016